PhotoSpotLand: “Tinder for Travel”, now accepting Outside Investors

PhotoSpotLand Plays Cupid Between Travelers and Tourist Destinations

Mario Bucolo, founder and CEO of the company

London TravelTech Lab member PhotoSpotLand has for the first time opened up opportunities for investors to become a part of the “Tinder for Travel.” Through the Invesdor platform, PhotoSpotLand shares are now available for purchase in Europe.

“We want to offer everyone the opportunity to invest in PhotoSpotLand. For the first time investors can become part of an online travel platform they use. You can’t easily buy shares in Instagram or Snapchat, but it’s now possible to become shareholder of PhotoSpotLand,” said Mario Bucolo, founder and CEO of the company.

PhotoSpotLand’s campaign on the Invesdor platform aims to collect 200 thousand pounds that the company will use for international expansion and product improvement.

PhotoSpotLand, which helps tourists discover the most beautiful places in the world and where, how, when and with whom take great pictures, has also announced the “Tinder for Travel”. PhotoSpotLand’s “Tinder for Travel” gamification system is called “Travel Date.”  Travel Date is a system extension to PhotoSpotLand platform to increase user engagement by creating an exciting dating application. PhotoSpotLand users can select the tourist destinations to visit and take advantage of discounts — or even win the whole trip. Founder Mario Bucolo said: “We just launched a call for partnership open to every player in the travel industry worldwide. Travel Date will create win-win partnerships, with PhotoSpotLand acting as the Cupid between the destinations loved by our users and travel industry players in that places. Places, not faces!”

Link to Crowdfunding Campaign:

Call for partnership for players in the travel industry:

Discovering great destinations where and how to shoot fantastic photos. PhotoSpotLand Is a community dedicated to travel and to passionate photographers, whether amateur, professional, or blind photographers. PhotoSpotLand™ allows people with a common passion to be in touch and even meet in real life. Instead of sharing photos PhotoSpotLand™ guide users on how and where to shoot great pictures, offering the best shared experience in travel photography. The company HQ is in London, the technical team in Italy.

PhotoSpotLand is a mobile and web tool for travelers, making it easy for them to shoot great photos in great places, while meeting fellow photographers.  PhotoSpotLand™ offers a platform for sharing the best locations and events for shooting great photos. The app adds a social layer and allows users to discuss topics such as camera equipment and travel advice.

People love to share great photos. PhotoSpotLand™ helps to connect people with this common passion, and suggests great places to photograph and create a great shooting experience. PhotoSpotLand™ is the platform where people who love photography can share the best locations and events for shooting great photos, including how, when, and with whom to shoot. “Spot”, because we are interested in whatever interests our users – whether landscapes, coastlines, mountain ranges, buildings or bridges, religious events (like Easter in Seville), cultural events, festivals, carnivals (the Rio or Venice carnivals), or even once-in-a-lifetime events, such as volcano eruptions or lunar eclipses. For every spot in PhotoSpotLand, the user will find a plethora of technical and practical information, ideal shooting data (e.g. whether a tripod or a flash is needed, the best time of day or best season to shoot), as well as how to get there, accessibility info, weather, sunrise/sunset timing, nearest food and accommodations, etc.

On the web and mobile devices:

On iOS:

PhotoSpotLand Information and Contact:

PhotoSpotLand Ltd: 2 More London Riverside, c/o TravelTech Lab, SE1 2RR London

web:  Twitter: @photospotland

Please visit Team, About and Blog page with actual press coverage:

Contact: Mario Bucolo, Founder & CEO |  twitter:@mariobucolo

mobile:+44 (0)7468 288990

Press kit, including photos and screenshots:

Crowdfunding campaign:


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