Switzerland launches the “solidarity basket” for families and aged people in difficulty

ANZIANIA Swiss publishing group throws down a challenge, at European level, to food industries and other companies, to help that big part of Italian population who can not fill primary needs anymore. “The LightHouse” publishing group, which publishes LiberoReporter, an originally Italian network that is made of more than 7 online newspapers, is offering advertising space in return of goods. The 25% of the goods, after transportation or other expenses, will be given to local charity and voluntary associations or to parishes that will organize the “solidarity baskets” to be given to old people or to the family who are now facing economical difficulties. Gaetano Baldi, executive director of the LiberoReporter network states «We had to leave Italy to survive but it is no longer possible,for me and my staff, to stay unresponsive before the heavy situation of poverty that affects Italy. We are not rich but we would like to do everything possible to help our fellow citizens that can’t manage to put something togheter to eat>>. <<We constantly receive desperate calls signalling absurd situations – Baldi says- as if we were talking about third world countries. Old people needs help: after a life of hard work and after contributing to build a country that doesn’t exist anymore,they have to go to the open air market at the end of the day to pick up food that was tossed away. Sometimes they even have to rummage in the garbage, or they have to give medicines up. Other families can’t pay a very low rent, or a bill, or to fill primary needs. Governments do not perceive the reality and now not even suicides are on the news, instead we are asked not to broadcast any of these facts in order to avoid emulation. This is happening everywhere in Italy, from North to South and the Centre». The Director is asking to all the industries for help: «We all know that industries are going through difficulties but your contribution to this mission will bring your name to the world, so you will also have a return in terms of image, as you helped people who are struggling. It would be one little contribution, maybe a drop in the ocean, but it would mean that we started to help each other again. Those who call theirselves Christians are forgetting that even if this life on earth is only a passage it is very important because it decides the future of tomorrow, when life on earth will end. During these last years, difficulties and roughness have increased and social inequality created groups of people who are facing enormous difficulties. We decided that we can’t no longer stay still and watch this happening without raising a hand. We want to have a better future now and here, not ana eternal hell for today and tomorrow.»

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    Switzerland launches the “solidarity basket” for families and aged people in difficulty | TI-News


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