“A country on the move”, time to do some retrospection. Video interview with Admiral Treu


Italy. “Sistema Paese in movimento”- “A Country on the move”, is the name of the already famous mission conducted by the 30th Naval Group, which includes aircraft carrier Cavour, supply-class ship Etna, new frigate Bergamini and patrol boat Borsini . The Cavour Naval Group led by Rear Admiral Paolo Treu, set out on 13th November from Civitavecchia port, directed to the Suez Canal. Now, after crossing the Arabic Gulf and the Indian Ocean , it is circumnavigating Africa. Among this mission’s goals stands the international re-launch of Italy, especially as far as strategic areas are concerned. This kind of “dual use” of Italian Navy ships, reflects their multi-role nature, which does not only involve military actions. Approximateley 1200 sailors, including about 100 women, will take part in the mission: an extraordinary ensemble of hearts, minds and hands that, with the support of Red Cross’ volunteers nurses, Onlus staff and sponsor companies, works synergetically.

This mission shows and increases Italian’s excellence and prestige in military, industrial and humanitarian settings, mirroring not only Italian people’s brilliance, will power and capability but also its spirit of solidarity towards the poorest countries. After nearly four months since the beginning of the mission, interested in knowing more, we got to reach Admiral Paolo Treu, Commander of the 30th Naval Group, who finally tells us proudly what he always believed: that the synergy between different professionals and the collaboration between countries can not only encourage Italian economy but also can consolidate and boost the respect and the fondness towards that typical Italian style, able to touch people. Now it is time for an analysis, after a little bit of malice and envy performed by someone having a limited and faulty vision of “Italy’s promotion” and towards the ability, the creativity and the generosity of Italian Navy vertex, which really wanted this mission to become reality. Admiral Treu gets emotional saying: “While leaving a port, local people have tears in their eyes. Our militaries, together with Fondazione Rava and Red Cross staff and Operation Smile Italia Onlus volunteers, gave their best, both from a medical and human point of view”. An on-board medical team, including several Navy and Red cross medical officers, nurses petty-officers and Red Cross nurses, worked side by side with teams of workers, visiting thousands of people, especially women and children and providing them with glasses and first-aid-medications. Children and adults suffering with cleft lips, cleft palates and head and neck malformations have been welcomed aboard on aircraft carrier Cavour , together with their families, and received free surgery. Italian marines contributed to this operation offering their skills and experience to local communities, painting rooms, repairing electric and hydraulic plants, setting up mosquito nets, rebuilding doors, windows and furniture, installing pumps to have drinkable water and attempting other means to discourage the rising of malaria in specific areas. Among the objectives of the 30th Naval Group are marines training in new and stimulating contexts, which lead to interaction with Allied and friendly Navies. Maritime Security, through anti-piracy deterrence and protection of merchant ships and search and rescue actions, is essential to some areas.

Sustaining Navies of visited countries, working together to build their Maritime Capability, was fundamental to foster global security and the interest from the community, both local and international, especially concerning at-risk new developing areas. Many Officials, from Angola, Congo and Nigeria, were welcomed on board of the Cavour, in order to have a direct debate on possible and continual cooperations. The Naval Group Admiral, tells us about realities that we know: Italian enterprises operating in Africa or in Arab countries and Italian workers living at the borders of the desert, joyfully welcomed their country’s delegation that, even if only for just few moments, has been able to make them feel less lonely and far from home. All this was possible thanks to the mission’s sponsors. Moreover, the Cavour was a leader on the promotion of Italian enterprises’ excellences, promoting EXPO 2015 through all the world during an intense promotional activity in the Arabic Gulf and in Africa, while sustaining the “Made in Italy concept” across developing markets, in a prestigious and completely Italian institutional framework. Unfortunately, this caused a large debate, as the possible economic return for this campaign, in terms of employment and wealth for the country, has not been considered. Even if the qualities Italians can boast are many, we should admit that Italy “continuously complains”, anyway for one time let’s try to make a change, transforming hate in a air full of healthy iodine that could give us new energies for the long-desired recovery.

Daniela Russo

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