Como: a spectacular scenography gives birth to a surreal atmosphere

5Regardless of financial crisis and in order to avoid a “poor- Christmas-effect”, which could have affected the city negatively, sellers, institutions and the organization “Amici di Como” promoted the “Magic Light Festival”. The lake city will be brightened by Christmas lights while other light projections will illuminate monuments and buildings. The idea was not that bad, as it does not suggest we are living in a “dark period”. When sun goes down infact, unexpected scenographies come to life and everything seems magic, pleasant, warm and conforting, which can be helpful to distract people from their everydays problems and live a surreal moment. Dome’s, Verdi’s, Grimoldi’s and Cavour’s squares are illuminated by this scenographic architectural light projections that involves the Dome and other buildings of the main square, the Teatro Sociale and the back of the Cathedral, Cavour’s square and Saint James’ Church in Grimoldi’s square, which also host a nativity scenes exhibition.

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