Procida. Second instance court suspended Elisabeth’s house demolition

elisabethProcida, Naples – Lawyer Bruno Molinaro got from the 5th section of Naples’ Court of Appeal, the suspension for the demolition of Elisabeth’s small house (only 20 sq. m.). The Commune suspended her water supplies two weeks ago in view of the demolition, which should have been today, 6th of December. On the 20th of March, Elisabeth’s lawyer presented a request of suspension, which has been accepted by the court for two main reasons. Firstly it because the demolition would have damaged Elisabeth’s life irreparably, as claimed by the woman. Secondly, as an appeal to the court of cassation was presented, the judge could suspend the demolition in case of serious reasons, which were presented by the lawyer Molinaro. Elisabeth is Peruvian but she married an Italian man who died four years ago. She has been living in small house of only 20sq. m, built illegally years ago when building plans in Southern Italy were abandoned. Her house, along with many other luxurious villas built next to it, had to pay a building sanction and Elisabeth spent all her savings to pay it, in order to keep her house. Fortunately there are still Judges that give hope, but to reach this happy ending a fundamental role was also played by Procida’s citizens solidarity and by Gennaro and Domenico Savio, who fought for Elisabeth’s rights unstintingly.


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