Poor woman living in only 20 sq.m in appalling conditions. Procida’s Commune suspended water supply. Now the major intervenes

elisabeth_procidaProcida, Naples. Elisabeth, a Peruvian woman married to an Italian man who died four years ago, is going through a difficult situation. She lives in small house of only 20sq. m, built illegally years ago when building plans in Southern Italy were abandoned. Her house, along with many other luxurious villas built next to it, had to pay a building sanction and Elisabeth spent all her savings to pay it, in order to keep her house. Despite this, we do not want to discuss legal matters, our aim is to present this appalling situation that affected Elisabeth’s life so much that she wanted to end her life. Even if authorities mean to demolish this small house we whish they provide Elisabeth with an alternative accommodation, as the woman is now living in poverty and destitution. Elisabeth in fact is not provided with any pension, hers or her husband’s, and she lives only thanks to other citizens’ solidarity. The major of Procida, Vincenzo Capezzuto, stepped-in in Elisabeth’s situation, as to the poor woman even running water service was suspended. Following the protests of many citizens to protect Elisabeth’s right basically to survive, the major of the city declared that the woman’s water supply was suspended erroneously and that he will provide Elisabeth with the primary good as soon as he can. On Wednesday 27th a new meeting will take place, in order to find a solution for the poor woman who has been living in Procida for ten years, in a small house that will be demolished even if Elisabeth payed for her house’s building sanction. It will be fundamental to understand why the woman’s money, the savings of a lifetime, have been hold back, as the building sanction has been not approved. However it seems the major promised to find a solution to give Elisabeth an accommodation. We hope the major promises to come true.


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  1. Raffaele Cardamuro

    And ' well known that there are more than 70000 demolitions in the way of running first and only case of necessity , estimated on the whole territory of Campania . In short , as has already happened to many shamefully , they will be thousands of families to remain free of the ' single dwelling at their disposal. Demolition which to date have involved only homes of honest workers , forced by a ' defaulting Administration to illegally build a roof for his family , because of a secular and now unsettled situation of inertia , which sees the vast majority of common Campani without an appropriate urban design that can regulate the housing need .
    Nevertheless , at the outset , it is our concern and interest to reiterate that the Committees and Associations Unite in defense of the right to housing , that have become the protagonists of many successful events , collect solely those thousands ( 70000 ) of households from all the Campania Region, devoid of any other resource population , and that they built in the absence of adequate planning instruments , or in the presence of regulatory frameworks and planning of the territory obsolete , if not at times, schedules completely non-existent. Households that only after a long wait ( even against our will from 30-35 years), for the assignment of calling a council house , forced by circumstances, the construction of a house built illegally . Collect families who are in an economic condition sometimes obvious discomfort at other times in a state of dignity , but not sufficient to support the purchase at the market price of a house or to sustain high rents (in this sense – the "need" ) .
    Families , thus calling the abuse itself , only in the last instance , which last attempt for a resolution , after having tried , in advance , to go through all the streets of the law, persistently claiming a right law , such as that to a decent home by submitting a formal request for permission to build on land ownership , who have been denied not because the soil was classified as a " zone hydrogeological ," not because you loath a bond of an archaeological nature , but because the planning instrument too old , not allowed in any way the construction of a dwelling regular ( but possibly of a work of public interest – case Bacoli – ) .
    This is not the situation with regard to speculative profile of the issue , certainly of great gravity, from which we distance . But we are compelled to say that the activity is the demolition of the prosecution appeared to head only and only on the houses of honest workers , whose demolition has not requested and does not require excessive costs , standing profiteering hotel and tourism and the strongest illegal speculation (in this regard is important to mention the recent case of acquisition for municipal assets of the Neapolitan " Tiberio Palace Hotel " illegal structure .) However, where it is necessary according to law , demolish the homes in question , we say against demolitions " retaliation ." The rule of law can not tolerate a modest home is demolished , and a villa , for reasons of economic failure and unavailability , requiring excessive costs , remain standing . The rule of law can not tolerate that from one day to another is a way to send a family on hold , however, from time immemorial of ' allocation of public housing , without that you have a solution for this temporary housing and without that they can take action social welfare mechanisms for the children involved .
    It ' a sad truth that our lands have been too battered . It 's true that it is given over to an abusive " reckless " , but it is equally true that there are many realities , not daughters of ' illegality, but the result of a corrupt system that has preferred for years too avoid proper planning of the area, formulate and implement effective policies for social housing . It ' clear that we must also reconsider the current regime vincolistico , that in a hyper- protectionist impulse has not had the opposite effect. The territory to be saved . It 'obvious that according to demolish unspecified criteria , a few square meters of the house today , a few more in a few months , instead of doing remain standing the potentates of the speculation , will not save these lands , at the most destroy the lives of decent families.
    You have to seriously begin to question why such a large number of families cries a state of discomfort suffered so ! To say that the people of Campania and Camorra are mostly prone to lawlessness seems a weak justification , the daughter of a blind prejudice and little more than a pretext .
    Signed on April 9, 2013 a " Program Agreement " establishing priority criteria to be followed in order to demolitions of illegal artifacts only between 4 municipalities ( Tower of the Greek , Boscoreale , and Boscotrecase Trecase) and the Prosecutor's Office of Torre Annunziata . One step forward , it certainly shows that while significant profiles of concern at the point of equality and equal treatment ( Art. 3 of the Constitution ) , to the extent that similar situations in other areas of the Region, are subjected to a different treatment. But even in the same joint signatories to the Protocol , but similar situations falling within the competence of several prosecutors (judgment of the Court of Appeal level 2 ) , are regulated in different ways. What is equality?
    The program agreement , but arrived to steal the referee of the court executing the choice of artifacts to be demolished , highlights a serious weak point , to the extent that creates a situation of discrimination of citizens before the law even more obvious than it already was not ;
    discrimination in the first place as part of the same common signatories, where artifacts that are the subject of a judgment of 2nd degree and therefore within the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal , not within the scope of the protocol in question ( this would mean , in other terms , that meant a 2-storey villa for their holidays , the subject of a sentence 1st grade and therefore the responsibility of the District Court of Torre Ann . , will have to wait long before seeing demolished , otherwise a modest home , population but only resource that is subject to a sentence of 2nd degree , falling under the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal , would be demolished before, or according to different times.
    Secondly, discrimination is ravvisarsi on a regional scale , where a single citizen , for the same offense , in an area subjected to the same regime vincolistico , but living in a town far from the ones listed above and therefore not covered by the agreement referred above , would be submitted to a treatment diametrically opposite , however , unjustifiably different.
    In the light , however, dell'avvenuta subscription, although in only four municipalities of the cd . Programme Agreement , which rationalises the demolitions to be carried out on the basis of priority criteria and environmental impact , we believe it is of extreme urgency and need to set up a table at meeting between the political forces most representative regional ( PDL- PD) ( environmentalists as an interested party ) and prosecutor of Naples and Salerno, in order to extend the above-mentioned agreement in the whole region for obvious and unavoidable reasons of equal treatment and formal and substantive equality , as well as for serious and non-promotional activities repression of the true face of unauthorized building .


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