An innovative Private Networking solution to enhance enterprises is born in Ticino

UCPMendrisio -Switzerland. This solution is not a product but a service, which can be available everywhere in the world without restrictions or limitations. A super flexible and safe multimedial and integrated platform that enables every aspect of business communication. Certifying every contact and eliminating any kind of intrusion it becomes an unattackable antispying intelligent system. Voice calls, mobile, chat, email, cloud service and file managing, all these tools are at the client disposal to communicate. A further benefit: datas do not flow in unknown datacenters or in big enterprises’ datacenters, which too often sell out the acquired datas. They will flow in a dedicated server instead, that can be placed wherever the client would like it to be. This solution targets enterprises having branches, maybe in different countries, this way the could definitely reduce their business communication costs. Clients can decide whether to integrate completely or partially their already running communication system. The partial integration is specifically designed to run at the same time with your usual telephone line, creating a second preferential line to be used as that famous “red telephone” from the old movies.



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