Russia regrets postponed meeting on Syria with US. British Military preparing intervention plan

us-navyMoscow, 27th august 2013 – Russia took with regret Washington’s decision to defer their meeting, due to the organization of the second Geneva Peace Conference. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister said the decision conveys a bad message, encouraging opposition rebels not to agree to a compromise and that a non-authorized military intervention by UN Security Council would dramatically damage Middle-East and Northern Africa’s area.
The US said that the meeting between Putin and Obama will be rescheduled for the beginning of September, during G20 summit in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Meanwhile Britain officially says the army is preparing contingency plan for intervention in Syria, over Bashar al-Assad’s government suspected use of chemical weapons.
Even if the US are considering launching strikes on Syria, Israel considers Syrian and Hezbollah attacks “improbable”, a military sources reports. However, Israel Radio said, the army is ready for “extreme scenarios”, as al-Assad is aware that a war involving Israel could be “fatal” for him.
Nothing official was declared yet concerning today’s Iran threatens to attack Israel, if Western armies enter Syria.

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