“Urla nel Silenzio” (Shouts in the silence)

In the back cover of Bruno Pescia’s book, the writer briefly presents us his family’s dramatic story:

URLA NEL SILENZIO“Fortaleza, Brasil. Where a man’s life counts less than a camera or a PC. A 31-years-old Italian man called Andrea Pescia, is killed by a young boy with criminal records for murder.

Padua, Italy.  A confused phone call brings grief to an entire family, the next one confirms that Andrea, Bruno and Daniela’s only child has been killed. This is the beginning of a terrible series of events  in which Bruno, due to the complete absence of diplomatic offices and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is forced to act like a detective to ask for help and justice in order to understand what happened and have his son’s body back home in Italy. A devastating journal reporting the painful and gradual discovery of how surrealistic Brazilian justice can be. An Italian citizen exposes how he was abandoned, alone with his tragedy, by that State which was supposed to help him, instead. The sadness  of this story is mitigated thanks to Andrè Junior, Andrea’s little son, who will be then looked after by his Italians grandparents, Bruno and Daniela”.

This is a story about a father, denouncing the complete absence of Italy concerning a tragic issue such as his son’s death in Brazil, to steal him a PC and a camera. A surreal story worth reading for all the travelers going outside Italy, unaware that in case of emergency they probably will not have access to any help or protection from their country.  Bruno, an hopeless  but courageous father, went through countless obstacles to finally find out who killed his son. The only thing left to Andrea’s parents is their beloved grandchild. Now, this Italian brave couple also tries to look after many others children in Fortaleza, to save them from living by the street, among  misery and injustice.

All the incomes by the selling of this book will be donated to Associazione Pescia, to support children of Escola Irmà Giuliana Galli, a charitable organization in Fortaleza.




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