Turkey: Erdogan, same center leads protests in Turkey and Brazil. 20 protesters arrested


Ankara, 25th June. Turkish police arrested 20 anti-government protesters. Protests started in Taksim Square in Istanbul  and involved in the capital city Ankara. The protesters were accused of being members of terrorist organizations. Furthermore they were arrested for attacking police officers and damaging Ankara’s public property.

Erdogan links Turkish and Brazil protests: same forces behind them
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has suggested that the protests erupted on the 31st of May in Taksim square in Istanbul, which expanded through all Turkey and the ones in Brazil, which took place in the meanwhile of the Confederations Cup, “are being led from the same center”.  During one of his party meeting (Akp), he argued that both Turkish and Brazil protests-starters used English to write their banners and posters, rather than using the local language. According to Erdogan, they wanted to address to international groups and media. Erdogan concluded saying that the people behind the protests “knew they could not mislead the people”.



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