Savina Caylyn. The italian hostages called home: dramatic evidence. Bound and beaten.

The situation is even more dramatic and, after more than seven months from the seizure, we can certify only the inertia of our institutions and of the owner.
They are terrible hours for the sailors of Savina Caylyn: their relatives at home this evening have received a call from them still aboard the Caylyn Savina, after 20 days of silence since the last phone contact with LiberoReporter.
In turn each of our sailors of the oil tanker flying Italian flag, seized from February 8th 2011,have called home and informed about their illness and the tragic situation they are living. Thecalls were more or less of the same kind: they have been beaten and tied day and night, in addition to not having water on board anymore. They are all deeply tried by captivity and this is confirmed by the very weak voice with which italian sailors spoke to their relatives. Thechief engineer Antonio Verrecchia is in a bad state of health, as half of his body has no longer sensitivity. The Italian Foreign Ministry words are not comforting, and today during ameeting with the families of the hostages, it has been declared that there are not any news,even though it has been confirmed that all sailors are alive.

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